Casey Natural Health Care is a private health fund provider for most funds.

Lorraine is passionate about helping people achieve great health, and has chosen her fees carefully and in accordance with her values. While it is a challenge to earn a living running her own independent business, Lorraine appreciates that it is also difficult to pay for health care when the Medicare system excludes natural medicine.

As a result, Lorraine prides herself on keeping her services affordable.

She aims to earn a modest income, in a way that does not unduly benefit from other people’s suffering. While this might not be apparent in her consultation fees, she spends a lot of time working outside of these hours. This might include responding to emails or phone calls, scheduling appointments, supporting patients between consultations, arranging workshops, as well as paying for the many business, administration and marketing costs needed to run Casey Natural Health Care.

People who value support between consultations when needed and thorough follow up from their practitioner are most likely to appreciate and benefit from Lorraine’s treatment style.

On top of this, Lorraine continues to spend her own time researching cutting-edge natural health developments for the benefit of her patients. Staying at the forefront of natural health science requires many hours per week spent in reading, case studies, conferences, and more.

Consultation Fees

(please find workshop prices here)

Standard Consultations

Initial Consultations


90 mins



90 mins

as part of package only


60 mins


Acute and Follow Up Consultations


30 mins



30 mins



Package (Initial plus 3 Follow Ups; save $45)

Full Package


Concession* Package


Child Package


Family Member (10% off Initial Consultation or Consultation package)

Health and Wellbeing (prevention and maintenance)

Dietary Assessment (based on traditional nutrition)

60 mins


Blood Test Evaluation (of Full Blood Tests)

30 mins + report


Dietary Assessment & Blood Test Evaluation

60 mins + report


*Concession: Health Care Card Holders.