Blood Test Evaluations (Against Healthier Ranges)

Standard blood tests are often ordered by GP’s, but tend to be an under-utilised resource. They can provide important insights into a patient’s health conditions—but lab reference ranges encompass 95% of the general population, which means they reflect what’s common, not what’s necessarily healthy.

What do Blood Test Evaluations involve?

Blood Test Evaluations

To resolve this problem, Lorraine uses healthier reference ranges which transform your blood test results into a wealth of information—they become a fantastic help in the investigation of your case. As your health improves, you will be able to see your progress reflected in future blood tests.

You will receive a blood test evaluation report, clearly showing if and where your results lay outside the healthier reference range, as well as possible reasons why. The report also includes recommendations for any necessary action.

It’s a good idea to have these tests done annually if you enjoy general good health, and more often if you are dealing with chronic illness. Even if you are in good health, having your blood tests evaluated against healthier reference ranges is a great way to pick up early indications of possible future problems, and address them before they become a problem. That way, you’re maximising your potential for a long, healthy, productive life.

If required, Lorraine can also refer you for tests that fall outside of Medicare funding. This is occasionally helpful to thoroughly investigate a case.

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