A Holistic Health Practice

Casey Natural Health Care offers detailed, one-on-one consultations (available in person or by phone) in Cranbourne North. Founded by Medical Herbalist Lorraine Pratley, her aim is to help you reach your health goals, and give you the skills you need to stay there for years to come.

Unlike the mainstream medical model which aims to treat symptoms without usually investigating the cause of health problems, Lorraine will work with you in great detail to make sure you truly heal. Her main therapeutic techniques include herbal medicine, dietary therapy, and referral to other natural, allied or medical practitioners.

She also does Blood Test Evaluations (against healthier reference ranges), and may recommend further testing if necessary

Lorraine, Medical Herbalist

Lorraine Pratley is a fully qualified Medical Herbalist (Adv. Dip. Western Herbal Medicine, BA, Dip. Ed.), as well as a proud Chapter Leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation, and member of the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia.

Lorraine cares about promoting knowledge of nutrition and good health to her clients, and has a love for teaching which she channels into her workshops and consultations.

Having travelled her own journey to recover her health, as well as knowing first-hand how much ill-health can impact our lives, Lorraine has great empathy for people with health problems.

Though Lorraine suffered little more than eczema as a child, her father’s diagnosis and early death from cancer in his 50s, despite his seemingly healthy life choices, sowed the first seeds of doubt in mainstream health advice in her mind.

Her father had followed mainstream advice and did all the “right things,” which is why the diagnosis came as such a shock. He avoided butter and other animal fats, reduced his salt intake and ran marathons regularly. Yet his doctors told him he needed to stop running, and it was then Lorraine knew there was something wrong with official health advice. It would be years later, however, before she finally discovered the truth about how important animal fats and unrefined salt are to human health, and that not all exercise is equal in value.

Sadly, her father passed away at age 58, when he had so much life left to live, and so much he still wanted to do, see, and share with his grandchildren.

Throughout her 20s, after moving out of home and away from her mother’s cooking, Lorraine's health quickly deteriorated and she began to suffer from psoriasis, sinusitis, frequent colds and digestive problems. She was addicted to sugar and modern processed foods, pigging out on cakes, biscuits and soft drinks on a daily basis.

It was around this time she discovered natural medicine, and a skilled naturopath. Thus began the slow process of cleaning up her diet, and ridding her life of toxins.

As treatment for the childhood eczema, she used lots of cortisone cream. What no-one told her parents, however, was that she almost certainly had gut-dysbiosis (leaky gut), and that the drug was only addressing the symptom, rather than the root cause of her problems—leading her to later pass on the condition to her children.

Feeling it was her duty to do whatever it took to help her kids reach their physical and emotional potential, Lorraine set out on a quest to resolve their health issues. This lead to the discovery of the use of herbs as therapeutic agents—and perhaps even more importantly, the work of the Weston A. Price Foundation, and thus the nourishing principles of healthy, traditional diets.

Despite this incredible breakthrough, due to too much work she suffered a burnout (also known as adrenal fatigue) in her early 40s. It took a few years for her to recover, but she found it an amazing learning experience which added to her expertise in treating energy-related health problems.

Now entering her 50s and healthier than she has been for most of her life, Lorraine is living proof of the body’s incredible capacity to heal. A nutrient-dense diet, herbs, and finding a healthy work-life balance were all central to getting her to the great space she is now in, and has given her the skills to help others achieve great health, too.