Travel First Aid made easy with Essential Oils

If you’re anything like me and prefer to use natural remedies for common ailments and everyday mishaps, extended travel can present a challenge, especially when you have a family. How does one pack appropriately for the many health challenges that can pop up while you’re away from home and your natural medicine cabinet?

Believe it or not, I used to take bags of dried herbs with me, and they occasionally came to the rescue. But it’s not always practical to whip up a cup of tea when you’re sitting on a bus or train, or traipsing along a busy tourist trail! Not all of our accommodation even included a kettle! Happily, on my recent overseas holiday, essential oils made sure our first aid was a piece of cake. See below for what I packed and used.

Note: I only use doTERRA essential oils. See my blog for the reasons behind this choice.

Carry on luggage

On Guard Sanitising Mist – we sanitised our hands before eating, to minimise exposure to viruses. And it’s especially important to help avoid traveller’s diarrhoea (also known as food poisoning!) when you don’t have access to a tap before eating, which is most of the time! (Obviously, this won’t work if the food is already problematic – do your research before you travel to ensure you only consume safe food and drinks.)

On Guard (protective blend) 15 ml – an anti-microbial blend. I sat in close proximity with a coughing/sneezing/spluttering person on at least three occasions on planes and trains. Every time they spluttered, I made sure I rubbed one drop between my hands and inhaled deeply!

Lip Balm – my daughters and I love Herbal and Tropical. This product was in high demand due to the drying effects of air conditioning and being outdoors a lot in all sorts of weather.

Keychain containing 8 x 2 ml vials – listed below are my top single oils and blends to have on me or nearby at all times (even when not travelling, just out and about). You can fill the vials with your own must-haves.

  1. On Guard (protective blend) – you can’t get enough of this!
  2. Tea tree – antiseptic for minor cuts and scrapes. (And you never know when an unwanted pimple will start to emerge – get Tea Tree onto it early enough and you may avoid it all together!)
  3. Lavender – used neat it’s the best treatment by far for minor burns. Also wonderful for relaxation and sleep.
  4. Eucalyptus – clears the respiratory passages.
  5. Peppermint – cooling (brilliant for hot flushes) and energising.
  6. DigestZen – a lifesaver if you experience digestive discomfort, especially after eating different or less-than-healthy foods.
  7. Frankincense – and all-round relaxer and deeply restorative.
  8. Lemon – cleansing and refreshing (my personal pick-me-up when I’m feeling foggy is Frankincense, Peppermint and Lemon).

On Guard toothpaste – this concentrated toothpaste is our favourite at home, and it’s brilliant for cleaning teeth to freshen up at stop-overs during long flights. (Put it in a smaller container, as the 125 ml tube may be confiscated at airport security!).

Lifelong Vitality Supplement Trio – doTERRA’s number one seller. We took this every other day or so throughout the trip, beginning with the flight to mitigate the compromise food we (too often!) ate on our trip. I also hope these protected us against X-rays (I lost count how many times we were X-rayed at airports, border train stations and museums/galleries etc.)

Checked luggage

Spa Hand & Body Lotion – I know many doTERRA lovers would not travel without their favourite face care ranges (Verage and Essential), indeed it’s a must if you wear makeup. But I absolutely love this lotion which was more than adequate for my face, hands and body – it is so moisturising yet non-greasy. (If you need to take this in the cabin, put it in a smaller container as the tube size is 200 ml).

AromaTouch (massage blend) 15 ml – two drops in Spa Hand & Body Lotion (see above) and massaged into our feet and ankles was wonderful in quickly reducing the swelling after our flight. (Interestingly we did not experience swelling from our return flight to Australia.) This blend supports soft tissue and blood vessel health.

Sleep-supporting oils and blends – I packed a few including Lavender Peace (restful blend), Balance (grounding blend), Cedarwood and Vetiver. (Every family has their own favourites, my husband prefers Lavender Peace for restoring sleeping patterns).

Personal care range – I wouldn’t be without my beautiful doTERRA body care products anywhere! We took the shampoo (US version, contact me for Australian prices), conditioner and body wash. My two teens took their personal favourites (Facial Cleanser and HD Clear Foaming Face Wash). These products are very low in toxicity so we didn’t have to resort to putting nasty hotel products on our skin (all commercial personal care products contain fat-soluble toxic chemicals that really do go into our body! It’s easy to compare the ingredients in your current products with doTERRA’s on the EWG website).

Ice Blue Rub 120 ml (this is the US version, Deep Blue, contact me for Australian prices) – doTERRA’s amazing and hugely popular anti-inflammatory cream for body aches and pains. (This tube is over the limit for carry-on (at 120 ml) so, if you can’t do without it on the plane, take the 5 ml neat bottle instead.) This rub was a fantastic help, especially in the beginning of our holiday when I wasn’t used to climbing hundreds of stairs (we climbed some amazing towers in amazing cities with amazing views but boy were my feet sore by the end of the day!) With Ice Blue rubbed on my feet at night, I woke up wonderfully restored. I also appreciate the potent emotional benefits of this blend.

Lemongrass and Juniper Berry – combined with above-mentioned anti-microbial oils, I wouldn’t be without these in case someone needs urinary tract support.

Out and about

Handbag (I actually used a bum/fanny bag. You can even get them with cut proof straps):

Key chain with my 8 favourites (see above)

Lip Balm

On Guard Sanitising Mist

Stay healthy on your travels! If you would like to fit yourself out with a user-friendly, potent and fast-acting first aid kit along these lines, visit my page to purchase (buy retail through the shop or click Join & Save for a wholesale account). Please contact me with any questions, or if you would like help to customize your kit.

P. S. doTERRA Australian product names have been used in this article. Generic names are in brackets.