Golden pappadums!

Pappadums, a traditional Indian food, are a great accompaniment to curries but also make a delicious after-school snack. Made from urid or lentil flour, pappadums are less problematic than other legumes that have higher phytate and lectin contents and need to be soaked or sprouted to improve digestion and mineral availability. In pappadum manufacture, the legume flour is mixed with water and dried before being packaged. Salt and spices enhance the flavour and nutrition. A raising agent helps them puff up at high temperature. Try it – it’s fun!

Pappadums are easy to prepare. I recommend deep frying them, one at a time, in a small saucepan in plenty of ghee or tallow (beef fat). This provides you with lots of nourishing fat which is very important to consume along with carbohydrates (to prevent rapid absorption of glucose into the bloodstream). You can continue to re-use the remaining ghee/tallow as these are stable fats, suitable for cooking at high heat.

Avoid using a microwave as this may denature the proteins!